Warriors at Ease Teacher Training Details

Learn to teach a therapeutic yoga class to any segment of the military community, with relevant support as needed. Topics covered include the key distinctions between “yogic culture” and “military culture” and why they matter; trauma-sensitive teaching guidelines and precautions; as well as yoga asana sequence protocols and modifications for specific military populations, addressing physical and/or psycho-emotional challenges.

Part 1: Fundamentals of Teaching Yoga and Meditation in Military Communities

The NEW Warriors at Ease Level I Teacher Training is an online, self-paced course available through Yoga International.  In this training, participants learn valuable mind-body skills to support the health and healing of service members, veterans, and their families, including those who’ve been impacted by war and sexual trauma experienced while serving in the military.

This training is for:

  • Yoga and meditation teachers
  • Physical therapists
  • Occupational therapists
  • Other healthcare providers, and family caretakers
  • Veterans, service members, and their families
  • Anyone who wants to work with people impacted by trauma or high amounts of stress

In this training you will learn: 

  • Learn about the human stress response, the nervous system, and the neuroscience of trauma
  • Explore related research findings and empirical evidence that will help inform the yoga and meditation practices you offer, as well as how you teach
  • Become familiar with the “invisible wounds of war” including post traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury, and moral injury
  • Learn how to create a “safe container” and a welcoming environment for healing and post-traumatic growth
  • Explore trauma-sensitive breathing and meditation practices
  • Learn adaptive yoga practices and precautions for people with spinal cord injuries or amputations, those in wheelchairs, and veterans with limited mobility
  • Learn how to teach safely and effectively to those who experienced sexual assault while serving in the military
  • Get useful information about healthy boundary-setting for yoga professionals
  • Learn essential self-care principles
  • Plus much more!


Part 2: Advanced Teaching Skills for Addressing Combat-Related Issues

The Warriors at Ease Level 2 Teacher Training is an in-person training opportunity which allows qualified teachers to further integrate and refine the skills they learned in Level 1 through practice, self-study, and coaching from our experienced Warriors at Ease faculty.

Those who successfully complete Level 2 by demonstrating the skills necessary to share yoga and/or meditation in any military and veteran settings – to include clinical and non-clinical environments – will become certified Level 2 Warriors at Ease Teachers.  A Level 2 Warrior at Ease Teacher is eligible to be recommended by Warriors at Ease for funded programs, job placement, and research opportunities and is also eligible to serve as one of our Regional Program Coordinators.

This training is for:

  • Certified yoga teachers with, at minimum, 200 hours of training
  • Meditation teachers with formal training and/or at least 2 years of dedicated practice and teaching

If you have extensive experience as a teacher but don’t meet the minimum requirements, you may still qualify upon faculty approval. Please contact our registrar at reg@warriorsatease.org.


  • Warriors at Ease Level 1 Teacher Training

In this training you will:

  • Review important information about the nervous system and the neuroscience of trauma
  • Engage in discussions and exercises related to complexity of moral injury and post-traumatic growth
  • Learn and practice asana sequence protocols and posture modifications for adaptive yoga (chair and restorative yoga) for anyone with spinal cord injuries and amputations, those in wheelchairs, and veterans with limited mobility
  • Explore therapeutic approaches for developing resiliency, recovery, and prevention of injuries
  • Practice integrating our trauma-sensitive guidelines and precautions into your own yoga teaching style for the specific populations you teach
  • Practice teaching trauma-sensitive breathing and meditation practices
  • Practice how to teach safely and effectively to those who experienced sexual assault while serving in the military
  • Get empowering information about ways to establish a class or program in your area
  • Receive coaching and support from a Warriors at Ease faculty member
  • Practice essential self-care principles

Minimum 200-hour yoga or meditation teacher training certification required.

To see upcoming Warriors at Ease Level 2 Training dates, please visit the Warriors at Ease website.

  • "Molly is a great soul whose spiritual presence, power of will and resolve, are changing the world. She is true to the noblest values and she is relentless in her pursuit to ease the suffering of others."

    Prem Sadasivananda
  • "Molly has what so many lack: a rare and unpretentious authenticity that people instantly recognize, trust, and respect. Type "A" Fortune 500 CEOs, shell-shocked veterans along with other people unlikely to lay on a yoga mat find peace, purpose, and inspiration with her natural guidance. The clarity and the simplicity with which she shares the practices speak of her mastery."

    Patricia Woodson, Retired CEO of PHOTONET & Humanitarian
  • "Yoga is a gift for yourself and Molly is a gift to Yoga. Molly is a wonderful teacher and skilled facilitator – I am always impressed with her deep knowledge of yoga as a science and a philosophy. But it is her heart and compassion that truly makes her stand out. In this fast paced and sometimes unsettling modern western world, yoga allows me to bring my mind, body and soul back into balance. Molly has helped me cultivate an atmosphere of peace and serenity that I never realized was possible. Her calm assurance is infectious, and her powerful message of self-acceptance and self-love – you are whole just as you are, there is a part of you that is untouched by all that has happened to you –resonates deeply. Treat yourself and grasp the opportunity to deepen your physical, mental and spiritual practice with this warm and empowering guiding spirit. Thank you for all you have helped me realize in myself, Molly!"  

    JR Gregherty, Attorney
Katapult Marketing