Women’s Empowerment Initiative 

As co-founder of the India & Nepal Project, Molly supports empowering human trafficking survivors with yoga, meditation, as well as educational and employment opportunities. Approximately 80 percent of the world’s sex slaves are in India, Nepal and Pakistan. In order to re-enter society, these young women must overcome overwhelming trauma and stigma, while also finding a way to earn a living.

Through the India & Nepal Project, survivors are provided with the researched-based iRest Program that assists them in healing from trauma and violence, while also teaching them a vocational skill they can share with other survivors. Over the next five years, approximately 300,000 survivors will benefit from the India/Nepal Project in Pakistan, Nepal, India and other countries. In June 2017, three groups of survivors in India and Nepal were trained to be iRest Yoga Nidra Teachers.  These groups are now branching out to teach at safe houses throughout India and Nepal.  People who many may describe as ‘broken’ after surviving some of the worst crimes anyone can imagine are now healers who are helping other people find peace and wholeness!  The spread of iRest through this community means more healing and integration of past traumas and horrors.  

This iRest Program is brought to the survivors at no expense to them. In order to make that happen, the program relies on the generosity of donors wishing to eradicate human trafficking from the world, and help its survivors find healing and peace. You can help breathe life into this program by providing a monetary donation of any amount at the link here: http://courageousgirls.org/indianepalproject/

Molly Birkholm