Mindfulness Training for Clinicians

Clinical research now confirms what eastern medicine has known for Meditationthousands of years: Mindfulness can help our clients regulate their nervous systems, integrate past traumas held in their bodies, and find healing. This three-day* training will take your mindfulness-based therapeutic interventions to the next level by giving you a set of simple, effective mind-body tools you can use with your clients. You’ll learn safe and practical ways to guide your clients through accessing and releasing the emotions, thoughts, and memories that are stored in their bodies. This training is both experiential and educational, designed to give you a direct experience of the healing potential these practices offer, so that you can best integrate them into your clinical practice.


*This training is typically offered in three full days, but can be adapted to fit your needs. Rates are dependent on training length, location, and number of attendees.

Learn Mindfulness Skills

● Evoking the relaxation response
● Calming & relaxing breathing exercises
● Body sensing exercises
● Basic yoga poses
● Guided meditation
● Co-meditation
● Grounding exercises
● Developing an inner resource
● Tension-relaxation exercises
● Facilitating a mind-body connection

Help Your Clients

● Reduce anxiety, depression, and PTSD symptoms
● Improve distress tolerance
● Reduce stress
● Improve emotional regulation
● Improve interpersonal relationships
● Manage chronic and acute pain
● Increase energy levels and mental clarity
● Improve self-worth and; reduce self-criticism
● Reduce insomnia
● Develop feelings of peace and wholeness

Trainer Bios

Molly Birkholm is a yoga and meditation teacher
trainer, trauma educator, professional speaker,
consultant, and writer. She is the co-founder of
Warriors at Ease and has helped pioneer evidence-
based trauma-sensitive yoga and meditation programs
for PTSD in the military and other communities affected
by trauma, including human trafficking survivors and
homeless communities. Molly’s stress management
programs, resilience training, and trauma treatment
programs are used by leaders and top organizations
around the world, including the US Department of
Defense, McKinsey & Company, and the Young
Presidents’ Organization. She is also an iRest Yoga
Nidra teacher trainer and a Sivananda Yoga Teacher.
Molly teaches trainings and retreats around the world
and also online on The Great Courses and as the host
of the Women’s Empowerment Initiative on Yoga

Amalia Briggs, LMSW is a mental health clinician and
meditation teacher. She is the founder of Great Lakes
Mindfulness, which delivers mindfulness-based
interventions through online therapy, guided
meditation, and professional staff training and
development. After receiving her clinical training from
the University of Michigan, Amalia spent years working
at a nonprofit organization as a clinician and clinical
supervisor. She is also the co-founder of a treatment-
based parenting class called THRIVE, offered for free to
parents of at-risk, abused, and neglected children.
Amalia has received extensive training in trauma-
informed care and mindfulness-based interventions,
including iRest Yoga Nidra, for which she has trained
directly under the founder of iRest, Dr. Richard Miller,
and Senior iRest Trainer, Molly Birkholm. Amalia also
manages the clinical content delivery for Molly’s online
self help programs offered through The Great Courses
and Yoga International.

Alexis Miller