Our Team

Molly Birkholm Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Teacher, and Writer

As a keynote speaker, consultant, teacher, and writer, Molly Birkholm inspires others to create meaningful life changes at worldwide conferences, retreats, online courses, and yoga and meditation teacher trainings. Using research-based yoga and mindfulness meditation techniques, Molly’s stress management programs, resiliency training, and trauma treatment programs are used by leaders and top organizations around the world, including the US Department of Defense, the American Psychiatric Association, and the Young Presidents' Organization. Click Molly's name above to learn more!

Amalia Briggs Business and Clinical Content Manager

Amalia is a licensed clinical social worker looking to bridge the gap between the nonprofit and business worlds. She is another member of Molly’s team who was picked up at an iRest teacher training! Amalia went to the iRest training with an intention to enhance her clinical work, and left as Molly’s business and clinical content manager. Amalia supports the development and management of Molly’s video-based projects, such as her Women’s Empowerment Initiative course through Yoga International. When not on the job, Amalia likes to spend her time traveling, cooking, and endlessly hoping that “this will be the year” her alma mater Michigan Wolverines make their football comeback.

Alexis Miller Director of Marketing & Social Media

Alexis Miller is a Colorado native who specializes in social media and digital marketing. Molly hired Alexis almost instantly after meeting her at an iRest teacher training… Alexis is the kind of woman that you 'just know' you want on your team!  She has a degree in Journalism and Entrepreneurship from the University of St. Thomas and is a passionate yogi who is currently pursuing her 300-hour YTT certification and hopes to expand the presence of yoga military communities. In her free time, Alexis travels the world, fly fishes with her husband, photographs nature and explores the minds of others through books. She currently lives in North Carolina with her husband, Sean, who is active-duty in the US Air Force.  

Inger Birkholm Meneghetti Director of Operations

If you are thinking Inger looks like Molly, there is a good reason!  Inger is Molly’s sister and as Molly says, “Director of my Life.”  Inger keeps everything running, organized, peaceful, and happy… event planning, finances, research, and about 1,000 other things. Inger is also “Super Mom” to two incredible boys and married to her Brazilian engineer husband.  She is a graduate of Miami University and was previously a teacher.  She should probably be the Creative Director for a home design or cooking magazine, but we need her too much!

  • "During meditation, I felt like I couldn’t move my arms or legs at all, but I remembered what you said about staying in my Inner Resource, my safe place, so I stayed comfortable there. I felt very peaceful and didn’t feel pain in my body at all. I felt free from my body and I wondered where that was because I’m never free from pain. And then I remembered what you said, that we’re in our true nature and I realized it is the place where I am free from suffering for real."

    Jim, Korea Veteran
  • "As a holistic psychotherapist, I have studied Yoga Nidra for many years. Naturally, I’ve listened to many different versions of this ancient, healing practice. Molly’s is one of my favorites. I use it regularly and recommend it to all my patients. It’s excellent for post-traumatic growth, insomnia, anxiety, relaxation, addiction recovery, and for people who think they can’t meditate." 

    Nicole S. Urdang, M.S., NCC, DHM, LMHC Holistic Psychotherapist
  • “Instead of listening to someone else, you can actually listen to yourself [during meditation]. Instead of constantly eliminating errors in my thinking, I naturally am finding that there is already a better way of being inside myself.”

    Peter, Vietnam Veteran
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