Women’s Empowerment Initiative 

Women’s Empowerment Initiative  ~ Coming SOON: January 2018

The time has come to discover and step into what it means to be a woman living at the pinnacle of your ability to create transformative change.  

This is your invitation to a year that will change your life.  

Join this inspirational circle of women as they guide you through a practical, creative, and spiritual journey designed to empower you with tools you need to live at your fullest potential.  This year-long program is designed to be both a personal and community-oriented experience, uniting circles of women in communities around the world with the shared mission of living a truly fulfilled life.

Molly Birkholm will be your host, presenting with other female leaders who are each changing the world in their own special way.  These inspiring leaders will offer specialized segments in their areas of expertise.  Together we will explore the practical, creative, and spiritual aspects of topics relevant to every woman’s life, including achieving financial independence, finding balance between family and career, cultivating healthy and vibrant relationships, creating meaningful change, and much more!

Optional meet-up circles are available, giving you the opportunity to deepen your connections with women in your life — to empower and be empowered by others.   

The program is designed to help you integrate the many facets of life into a healthy whole, uncovering meaning, balance, grace, and strength in the process. It is a self-paced course that provides you with a new topic each month for exploration and reflection.  The course will launch in January 2018.  After that, you can begin it at any time. We have paced the course to move through one topic per month; however, you are welcome to work through the content at a faster or slower pace.

Knowing we all lead busy lives, we have designed the course to be manageable, delivering the content in inspiring, bite-sized pieces that can be easily watched and/or listened to on your morning commute, on a lunch break, or when you tuck into bed at night.

Living all aspects of life with conscious intention is a theme that will be carried throughout the program. Our goal is to nourish your body, mind, and spirit at every phase of the process and to support you in living an authentic life, inspired and connected to your true self. This is how we will change the world together!

In this year-long program, you will receive:

Monthly Topics

Month 1:  Enrich Your Spiritual Practice
Month 2:  Define Success & Core Values
Month 3:  Achieve Financial Independence and Security
Month 4:  Transform Challenge into Strength
Month 5:  Family Relationships
Month 6:  Living Love:  Romance & Partnership
Month 7:  Living Your True Purpose:  Career & Dharma
Month 8:  The Art of Feminine Empowerment
Month 9:  Nourish Yourself & Your Community
Month 10:  Create Meaningful Change: Activism & Creating Impact
Month 11:  Honor Personal Evolution
Month 12:  Your Year-End Review & Moving Forward Consciously

Molly Birkholm